Why rent an instrument instead of buying it right away

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Whether you are kickstarting your music journey or following the curiosity to try your hands at a new instrument – you might feel like buying off that new synthesizer, guitar, or flute right away. But have you ever thought what happens if you do not like that particular instrument, model, or perhaps just do not get enough time to continue with your newfound hobby? Thousands of rupees end up eating dust in a corner of your room. Realizing that thousands of individuals face similar issues, we at InstruRentals advise all enthusiastic beginners and unsure buyers to rent an instrument instead of buying it right away. 

Here is why renting a guitar, drum set or even a piano is a smart choice and safer bet as compared to buying them without testing or much research – 

Renting helps you get familiar with the instrument
If you are about to begin your music journey, you would definitely need access to the instrument you wish to master, for self-practice. When you rent the music instrument, you get to learn about its basics, learn how to handle it, and maintain it – without actually investing the complete cost of the instrument. As you play your rented instrument, you get more familiar with it, progressing in your practice as well as music journey. 

Helps you test your comfort
Imagine buying a synthesizer with heavy keys, making it difficult to play in the long run, or getting a guitar that has a huge box, making you feel uncomfortable. Now that you have already bought it, there is nothing much you can do as only a select few music shops allow you to exchange the instruments or even entertain such issues! To avoid such a situation, it is always better to rent the guitar or piano that you have been wanting to try your hands at. 

Learn before you invest
Wouldn’t it better to learn that instrument before buying it? You might have come across various blogs or videos or even expert advice, telling you more about top keyboards, drumsets, flutes, or guitars for beginners. What they do not tell you, is that most of these ‘beginner’ instruments become obsolete as you move to more advanced levels of learning. To avoid buying the instruments twice in such a scenario, we recommend getting it on rent. After all, it would be better to learn the basics on a basic model of your instrument 

Renting an instrument is much more economical
Getting an instrument on rent is more economical as compared to buying it. In most of the cases, we have observed that enthusiasts either lose their passion for music or are not able to find time to practice in their daily routine. When this happens, they wish they had never bought that instrument which turned out to be a waste of money. But had they rented the instrument, they could simply return it and take a break, avoiding any possible wastage of money. Not only that, even if you do not like that particular model or would want to exchange the current instrument for an advanced model, renting saves you money in the long run. 

Great for events and performances
If you are a performer and are going for an event or performance, wouldn’t you want to ooze style with a new instrument that sounds great? Buying a new instrument only for a performance isn’t really feasible which is why renting it becomes the best solution! You can rent your favorite instrument for a week, giving you ample time to practice and get familiarized with the new model before your gig or event!

Helps you avoid the hassle of carrying the instrument
While on the job or on tours, you might have to travel a lot. Carrying your musical instrument while traveling isn’t that easy, especially if your instrument is heavy (piano, drum set, etc). So, would you be able to part ways from music practice? Instead of having to pat ways or buy a new music instrument, you can rent an instrument on a weekly or monthly basis. Not only do you get to practice as usual, but the process also costs you peanuts as compared to buying a new instrument or transporting it with you. 

Flexible payment plans
Renters offer you flexible payment plans – you could pay for the entire duration and get discounts or move slowly by paying per week fees. At InstruRentals, we believe in offering all our customers the best possible flexibility when it comes to paying for instruments rented. For something as small as a mouth organ to something as big as a piano – you can pay as per the payment plan that suits you the best. 

You can buy if you decide to go further
And guess what, if you like the instrument you have rented and would like to own it, you do have that option as well. You can contact the service provider and let them know about your interest in owning the instrument. At InstruRentals, you can pay the rent for the instrument and the special discounted price to own the guitar, drum set, or keyboard that you had been practicing on. 

Final Thoughts

Buying an instrument is a huge step, an action that can not be undone. We understand your passion for music and respect the love you have for the instrument you play. But if you are unsure of what model or band you should go for, or find it difficult to travel with your favorite instrument, we recommend renting the instrument. When you rent an instrument, you not only continue your passion for music without a hassle, but also end up saving money in the long run.

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