Top 5 Bollywood movies/songs with violin instrumental pieces

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Bollywood has had a long-standing relation with music – and that should not come to you as a surprise that it is most of the time, the music and the background score that intrigues people more and makes them rush to the theaters to catch that flick. In all the music that has been composed for Bollywood songs and movies, violin has played a significant role in producing some of the most beautiful pieces we have ever heard. And so, here is our pick of some amazing Violin instrumental pieces used in Bollywood movies or songs.

The movies/songs


When we think of violin and Bollywood, the first visual that comes to mind is that of SRK playing the violin. And even though it was all a part of the act, Mohabbatein did manage to give us some amazing background scores and put the violin on the cool map again.

So whether it was SRK’s introduction in the movie, or him trying to defy the headmaster of the school he was teaching at – violin became a symbol of love and romance soon after the movie and its songs hit the market.


The movie explores the relationship of a teacher with his student and has mix of some of the most common and yet, beautiful emotions captured by songs. Even though there is no particular song which we recommend here, here is one of the many violin scenes in the movie, where Lucky Ali and Gauri Karnik face each other off, giving birth to some of the most beautiful violin pieces ever heard in the industry.


And the dreaded spirit before dying and coming back to haunt the protagonist of the movie, plays beautiful violin on numerous occasions. Not only in one of the songs, but even otherwise in some of the scenes.

Not complex as the other music pieces covered in other songs or movies but the pain and romance behind the music played is simply phenomenal. Here is a look at some great violin pieces in one of the movie’s songs.


Another SRK flick, you might just get some of the best violin pieces in the movie in the title song itself. You can easily see SRK playing the violin even before he starts singing in the song and we have an amazing song and emotion captured with the violin. Even throughout the movie, you can hear some amazingly beautiful violin music pieces Here, we are sharing a video of the title song for you to have a look.


No, we are not sharing any particular song here and neither a part of the background score from the movie. Even the movie flopped big time at the box office, the music maestro AR Rahman did his job quite well and produced some of the chart-busting songs of that time. Not only were the songs technically amazing and complex, they used a variety of instruments such as the trumpet, cello, violin, and more, apart from the usual drums, guitar, bass, and even xylophones.

Our recommendation – you listen to all the songs of the movie, get lost in the beauty of Rahman compositions as orchestra and band performances take you through a magical journey.

And there could be a lot more actually – but we could only pick a few of them here. Do mention in the comments which one is your favorite or which one did you think deserved to be here on the list!

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