Top 5 acoustic guitars in the world – dream guitar models

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Getting your guitar or renting your favorite model for the first time is the right way to start off your music journey. Choosing your guitar is quite important – as it is going to be your real companion for the time come. If you are about to begin your journey or even if you are an enthusiast trying to get your hands on some of the top guitar models, you shouldn’t settle for a simple one at all. If you choose the wrong guitar model, you might just ruin the whole process, bringing out the worst possible experience for yourself. To help you out, we have combined the list of top 5 acoustic guitars in the world that you could try your hands on. 

So we’ll be clear out here – these choices here are amongst the top few, as given out by several experts and experienced guitarists. Available in the market and durable as well, they are pretty good to enhance your playing experience and enjoy your practice as well as performance sessions. 

Martin LX1E

If you are looking for unmatched quality as well as tone, the Martin LX1E is as brilliant as it gets. The guitar chosen by Ed Shereen himself, it is perhaps one of the most sold Martin acoustic guitars. With a mahogany laminate on both back and sides, a Sitka spruce top, and a warm satin finish, this guitar adds to the charisma of the guitarist. Small, easy to handle and carry around, it should be your go-to guitar if you are a performer or love to [ractise at different locations. A bit pricey, but it is totally worth the money for sure!

 Fender Tim A Hellcat

As the name might have already suggested, this model is indeed, based on Tim Armstrong’s acoustic guitar. The star used the same model for most of his popular and hit songs. And believe it when we say it, this guitar deserves its place among top 5 acoustic guitars and is indeed one hell of an instrument, ready to set the stage on fire. Armstrong’s own mojo and additions like using acrylic logos on frets instead of the usual markers are still there. Apart from that, a pair of skulls is present there on the 12th fret – which adds to the incredibly cool look. 

Loar Brownstone LH204

If you love blues and are looking for a vintage-style model, the Loar Brownstone LH204 is a must buy or rent for you. You wouldn’t have to burn the midnight oil and drill a hole in your pocket to lay your hands on this beauty. Based upon the popular LH 200, the guitar has a dark tone which is quite lovable, along with a Sitka spruce top. The back, sides, and neck of the guitar are made from mahogany, finished with mesmerizing brown satin. Even though the guitar has a modern technique in its making, its looks bring you back to the vintage era of blues. 

Ibanez Artwood Tenor

Ibanez Artwood series is popular among guitarists for a reason – they do not compromise on any level when it comes to the quality. Brilliant solid tops, well-chosen tone woods, and of course, superior hardware adds to the overall value. The tone and enhanced sound make it one of the most loved guitar series without a doubt and hence, Ibanez Artwood Tenor had to be on our pick of top 5 acoustic guitars. The guitar has suddenly witnessed a spike in its popularity, because of several artists choosing it over other regular acoustic guitars of the same range. Watch out for Butterbean’s open gear tuners as well!

 King Torrefied RP1-16C

Torrefaction of your top – that is something you should value, especially if you get in an affordable guitar which can be easily rented as well. For those of you who do not understand torrefaction, it is the process of heating woods to a preset temperature without the presence of oxygen. This reduces any impurities, stiffens the top, and decreases the weight as well. The advantage? You get a vintage-style guitar that would not only sound amazing but last longer than some of the high-class models as well. Not just normal playing with a plectrum, this guitar will be a great companion once you decide to switch to advanced learning levels to go for finger styling. 

Some of the guitars that didn’t quite make it to our list of top 5 acoustic guitars, but are still among our honorary mentions include the Yamaha LL6M, Washburn WG26SCE, and Ovation CS24P-NBM, among others. 

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