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Looking to sharpen your drum skills and want to proceed to the next level? Then you have surely come to the right place, dear friend. Our drumming experts bring you some insightful, tried, and tested tips that would surely help you to improve your drumming skills and techniques. Let’s take the step towards making you a better drummer. 

Being a drummer is underrated – you probably have one of the toughest jobs in the band to keep it all together – show the vocalists and guitarists where the groove will be and how the beats will follow. Thus, you sharpening your skills is something that is surely needed for the betterment of not just you, but your brand as well. However, it is not going to be an easy job – improving your skills will surely require a lot of effort and hard work. 


Keep time for yourself and the band. Get the click in your ear – you can do that by synchronizing your headphones and laptop while you practice. You might be wondering how this helps – you do not have to put in your own effort to give the beat. You can simply follow the beat where other drummers have worked upon and will help you get a better sense of timing throughout other songs you practice as well. 

(II) Start Slow

Don’t have huge expectations from a day of practice – you wouldn’t be able to go crazy with the speed right away without compromising on the sound. Thus, we would recommend going slow – go with slow beats and songs, where you should try and keep the time and add variations wherever possible. Eventually, you can then move onto fast songs and give your skills the test. 

(III) Old is gold – master the basics

Never think of basics as unnecessary. They say old is gold and somewhere, sticking to the basics has worked for several drummers like you. Once you have mastered the basics, know how to keep time and do variations, play with the beat and even go merry around with the rhythm, that is the right time for you to add your own touch, develop a style and go for it. 

(IV) Work with the band

Working with your team or band is going to be helpful to quite the extent. A good drummer knows how to play but a great drummer knows how to make others follow while supporting them throughout. Your guitarist, vocalist, and even bassist will be able to show you the direction and improve your coordination to quite the extent. Even if you are a solo drummer, you might need similar assistance for which you can have jam sessions. 

(V) Keep your patience while you practice

No, you are not an alien or a champion who would get the heats in the first go. You are going to make mistakes and somewhere, that is going to be a part of the journey you are taking. You need to be patient, need to still push harder, and go ahead with your lessons and practice sessions despite the failures. Remember, no great drummer was born with the skill. They developed it with time, practice, and efforts as their passion kept them going. 

Improving your drumming skills is easier said than done. Whether you are a jazz drummer, love to play blues, or are passionate about rock and metal – your skills always could use the brush-up and you can follow the above tips to take the first few steps in the direction of becoming a better drummer. 

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