Hollywood celebrities who play a music instrument

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Isn’t it amazing to find out that someone you know can play a music instrument well? And what if, that someone was a well-known celebrity, especially someone whom you knew because of some other talent. Yes, it might come as a shocker to you, but there are several HOLLYWOOD celebrities who play a music instrument and are not at all shy to show that off. Be it doing solo shows in their free time or just relaxing in their leisure time – these celebrities play their respective instruments well, doing music due justice.

Clint Eastwood (Piano)

4 times winner of the prestigious Academy Award and having been nominated almost a dozen times, Clint Eastwood is perhaps one of the most talented actors in Hollywood. He happens to have impressed generations of viewers with his skills but acting isn’t the only skill in his pocket. Clint also happens to be a great Piano player. Not only as a hobby, but the superstar also has in fact, composed background music and scores for numerous movies he himself had acted in.

Ryan Gosling (Cello)

The heartthrob of ladies might look stunning and has undoubtedly given some amazing flicks we have ever come across, Ryan goes way beyond what he has been able to achieve through his movies and his dashing looks. He can play the guitar and fellow quite ell and prefers to every now and then, kick back to enjoy playing some music on cello.

Baby Goose has been his stage name for quite some while now and you might be surprised to know, that he has also come up with a music album as well.

Keanu Reeves (Base Guitar)

Hollywood’s most respected and favourite star Keanu Reeves is a skilled actor, a great action hero but at the same time, an amazing musician as well. Even before getting his big break in the movies, he used to play with several bands as a part-time bass guitarist and also did some gigs with his bands.

Samuel Jackson (Trumpet)

Talking about him mother*****? Oh yes, he is an amazing classic actor who has given us stellar performances to remember him, always. But at the same time, Samuel Jackson has been a great trumpet player since his school time. Even though he has not given public performances or performed with bands, it is a well known fact that between grade 3 and tenth, he used to play in the school orchestra and was the ‘little maestro’.

Johnny Depp (Guitar)

And last but not the least, we have the ‘Pirate’ who had the longing to become a full time musician ever since he turned 15. However, luck would have it other says and Johnny Depp became popular for his amazing performances in some of the best and most memorable flicks of all time. However, that did not let Johnny Depp shy away from trying his hands on his favorite instrument and occasionally performing to fulfill his long-standing dream.

And even now, that is not the end. There are others too, who play the violin, great acoustic guitar, and even harmonica (yes Bruce Willis, we remember you) – so stay tuned to find out more.

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