5 situations when you should rent instead of buying that instrument

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Even though people love to play their own instruments or the musical instruments they own, there are some situations which might force you into renting a music instrument. Irrespective of the city you are in, you might just face these common 5 situations in your journey or any one of these, which might push you towards renting an instrument. Contrary to popular belief, renting a musical instrument instead of buying has its own set of advantages and it might just prove to be beneficial, economical as well as an enjoyable experience. 

At InstruRentals, we encourage musicians as well as music enthusiasts to not shy away from trying their hands on some of the best musical instruments, even the limited edition and range ones. After all, it is a great experience to play the guitar worth INR 2 lakhs or a drum set costing even more than its double. These fine instruments have their own edge and an amazing sound as well as playing experience – one that can not be confined to words and needs to be experienced. So here are 5 of the most common situations where we believe you should rent instead of buying your musical instrument. 

Trying out a new instrument while starting your journey

If you are about to begin your musical journey and are unsure of which musical instrument or brand to go for, the best way to find out is to rent an instrument and get to know how it sounds or how comfortable you are with it. For example, you might not be able to exchange your guitar, flute, or drum set for another model after you have already bought it. However, you might be able to shift to another model or brand if you have only rented it out. Pay for a week and try your hands at some of the best instruments out there. 

Checking out an instrument you might buy in the future

If you are a trained musician and are looking to upgrade, renting the instrument is one of the best ways to test things out. We understand that it is fairly tough to walk in, play, and decide on the spot, and hence, we offer the opportunity where you could easily rent the instrument and buy it later if you like. If you do not, you can return and try out another model until you find the best-suited one for yourself. 

Relocating and difficult to carry your instrument

Renting an instrument is the appropriate choice even when you are relocating to someplace where you are unable to carry your instrument for now. Carrying your piano, heavy synthesizer, or electric guitar with you might seem a bit of an extra burden. But that doesn’t mean you should quit your musical journey, even if it is for a few days or months. This situation definitely calls for renting an instrument – you do not have to buy a new one or even a second hand – pay per month or week and enjoy playing the finest quality instruments from top brands. 

Studio Recording with a new instrument that sounds good

Going for a studio recording with your band or friends and unsure of how your instrument might sound? It’s definitely time to shift to a better model and you can simply rent it for a week if not longer. Enjoy playing the best quality guitar, drums, piano or synthesizer from our collection without having to buy it. Brand and instrument so good, you might just end up buying it later!

Performing at a show where you couldn’t carry your instrument to

When you are performing in front of live audience, your instrument shouldn’t just sound good – it should look equally good. Imagine performing on a guitar that even though sounds decent, looks worn out and old. On the other hand, if you perform on a guitar that looks stylish and matches you while adding to the charisma will enchant the audience even more. Buying a brand new guitar for the performance might not be economical and hence, we recommend renting for a week or longer if required. Not just guitar, find some of the best pianos, synthesizers, drum sets, and more instruments available for rent. 

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Intrigued? Renting allows you to play and enjoy some of the top branded musical instruments that you had never imagined to buy or experiment with. Choose your plan and take your pick from our collection of instruments – if you like the instrument, you can let us know and even end up buying it for yourself! After all, we love to help out fellow music lovers and enthusiasts.

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