Top 7 guitar solos in Bollywood songs – amazing licks you can’t miss

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Bollywood has never shied away from using some great musical instruments – be it a pian, a violin or a guitar! The tunes had everyone grooving and lost in the mood as the music directors and musicians worked their magic. And even though there have been some amazing instrumental pieces and solos in Bollywood songs, we have come up with a list of top 7 Guitar solos in Bollywood songs – some amazing licks you just can’t miss.

Neele Neele Ambar Par

Perhaps it happens to be one of the most difficult songs to have ever been played on the guitar. The fingerstyle, the speed, the transitions and the smooth licks could make even the most experienced of guitarists practising for hours before they could get it right. Not just one, the song has several great guitar solos and happens to be our all-time favourites when it comes to listening to a song that is based on guitar. 

Listen to this amazing song right here – 


Socha Hai (Rock On)

When we talk about guitar solos in Bollywood songs, you just can’t forget this amazing flick that had several great songs, and one of the first on the list, happens to be Socha Hai. Of course, the song is iconic with the band Magik taking the crowd by storm in their early days. But the guitar solo just seals the deal – an amazing and smooth lick on electric guitar that fills you in with energy, just what the song was intended for, in the first place. 

Here’s your chance to catch the guitar solo in this video – 


Sindbad the Sailor

How can we forget when this band reunites and scatters its magic all over again – an emotional yet an absolutely fantastic song, Sindbad the sailor combines strength, joy, and pure will in a manner like never before. As for the guitar solo, it is surely one to watch for, when Arjun Rampal comes forward, the wind running through his hair, making him look like the Indian Steve Vai in full glory. The solo lasts for a good 20-25 seconds and might not combine many technicalities, but was surely enough to have guitarists all over the country, practicing it to strike an impression!

Catch this amazing guitar solo right here – 


Pichle Saat dinon mei

We could go on and on about how awesome this movie’s songs really are. Okay, we promise – this is the last one of the Guitar solos in Bollywood songs, that comes from Rock On! So Pichle Saat dinon mei, again has a simple yet breathtaking guitar solo, that isn’t so difficult to play, but fits so beautifully in the song, that ends up elevating the mood and the feels! Hats off to you Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy!

Listen to the guitar solo right here –


Sadda Haq

A R Rahman, the musical maestro had us grooving when Sadda Haq first played out in the open. Catchy beats, amazing tune but an even better guitar solo that just put Ranbir Kapoor out there, amongst some of the finest rockstars that the Reel world might have ever seen. Even though the guitar solo was played by Australian guitarist Orianthi, the music was A R Rahman’s alone, and he let this talented guitarist work her magic with music. 

Here’s the solo once again – 


O O Jaaney Jana

Salman Khan of course had us singing and whistling this song and to be honest guys, we would have seen way too many guys replicating the same. For some, this song was a great romantic pick and for others, it was quite the cringe. Now no matter what you might say, the song had a really good guitar’s solo and intro. Way too simple, but an amazing solo nonetheless, that keeps you hooked.

Here’s another shot at that guitar solo –


Chura Liya hai Tumney

A classic Bollywood number that was a great romantic pick, but slowly became a favourite among all beginner guitarists. Not that the guitar solo is very easy (oh yes, it is), but the solo’s intense mood sets the track right and it all hits you right there in the feels, making this song one of the best and most romantic songs ever!

We couldn’t list this great tune – Karz’s Theme

And even though we picked up an amazing list of 7 songs with great guitar solos, there is one tune that we couldn’t rank on our list. Not because the solo was confusing, but it happens to be one of the greatest guitar pieces we have ever heard in any of the Bollywood songs.


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