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Tama Starclassic

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Hybrid Shells Pack Deep, Punchy Tones

TAMA’s Starclassic Performer B/B shell pack is a solid foundation for your next pro kit. Each shell in this 4-piece set is made of birch and bubinga, a combination that delivers a punchy attack bolstered by warm, deep undertones. The shells look great onstage, and TAMA’s Swivel-Wing tom mounting system and bass spur memory markers make setup quick and painless. Die-cast hoops and Evans heads round out the Starclassic Performer B/B shell pack, delivering a crisp attack and stable tuning no matter what style or what venues you play.

Bubinga/birch shells focus attack and enhance bass

The use of top-shelf birch is one of the things that has made TAMA’s high-end drum kits the choice of discerning drummers for decades. The Starclassic Performer B/B shell pack takes things a step further by using bubinga for the three innermost plies of each shell. This gives drums a lower fundamental with sweetened mids and the strong attack of birch. Drummers know that tonewoods make or break a kit, and we found the Starclassic Performer B/B’s combination of birch and bubinga to offer a deeply satisfying playing experience.

db29fb-tama_starclassic_performer_bb_01  Tama Starclassic
9ef188-tama_starclassic_performer_bb_04  Tama Starclassic

Swivel-Wing tom holder maximizes placement possibilities

The Swivel-Wing mounting system gives your Starclassic Performer B/B shell pack the freedom to position toms however you like. TAMA’s Omni-Ball system not only offers unlimited angle adjustment, but each ball also moves around an arc of about 100mm for even greater placement possibilities.

Die-cast zinc hoops enhance tone and tuning

Hoops affect both tone and tuning stability. That’s why TAMA chose premium die-cast zinc hoops for its Starclassic Performer B/B shell pack. Manufactured using a high-density injection molding process, these exacting hoops provide uniform bolt contact and give your kit a crisp attack and a wide tuning range.

5c3788-tama_starclassic_performer_bb_02  Tama Starclassic

TAMA Starclassic Performer B/B 4-piece Shell Pack Features:

  • Sizes (depth x diameter): 8″ x 10″ and 9″ x 12″ toms, 14″ x 16″ floor tom, 18″ x 22″ bass drum
  • A quality shell pack for professional live and session drummers
  • Shells with birch outer plies and bubinga inner plies pack a deep, punchy attack
  • Swivel-Wing tom holder provides superb positioning and resonance
  • Premium die-cast zinc hoops enhance tone and tuning
  • Rubber-based claw hooks promise rattle-free operation
  • Bass drum spur bracket with memory markers makes setup fast and easy
  • Air-cushioned floor tom legs enhance sustain
  • Evans drumheads provide excellent sound from day one

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