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Mapex Armory 5-piece Fusion

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Style and Innovation at an Inviting Price Point

When you’re battling multiple guitars for a place in the mix, not just any drum kit will do. The Mapex Armory shell pack cuts through today’s music with a clean, focused attack and style to match. Acoustically, each shell’s hand-selected maple core boasts a familiar bite and sensitivity — one that drummers of all backgrounds will enjoy. And come showtime, the Mapex Armory’s birch inner and outer plies focus attack for a tight, modern, close-miked sound. Mapex’s SONIClear bearing edges seat drumheads flat on the shell, providing a wide tuning range and pure, deep fundamentals. And the option to choose from five wood or steel snare drums makes the Mapex Armory shell pack a clear winner for today’s gear-savvy performer.

Maple/birch shells sport a modern, focused attack

The kick and toms in your Mapex Armory shell pack are crafted from hand-selected maple with birch inner and outer plies. Maple provides the Armory’s resonant body and projection, while birch dries overtones and focuses attack for satisfying impact.

SONIClear bearing edges unlock the full tone of your shells

Place a drumhead on one of your current shells. Notice the rocking? The drag when you spin it? That’s proof that your bearing edges are robbing you of tone and tuning capability. Mapex’s SONIClear bearing edges seat heads so perfectly that they can be hand-tensioned and still produce a pure tone. This widens the tuning range for players who like deeper fundamentals while producing a purer pitch across the board.

873553-soniclear_bearing_edges_01  Mapex Armory 5-piece Fusion

Tone-enhancing tom hardware promotes sustain

SONIClear tom suspension mounts and floor tom feet further enhance the soulful resonance of which your Mapex Armory shells are capable.

fad211-mapex_drums_armory_18  Mapex Armory 5-piece Fusion

Tomahawk steel snare excels for rock and metal

Mapex drums have found a niche among rock and metal drummers. For these applications, the Tomahawk steel snare drum included in your Armory shell pack won’t disappoint. It bears all the marks of a fine steel snare: a deep, throaty growl, penetrating cut, and great snare sensitivity.

Snare trade-in program gives you time to find your voice

The snare drum makes or breaks a kit for many drummers. That’s why we are excited about Mapex’s Armory snare trade-in program. Play, tune, and gig with your included steel Tomahawk snare. If within two weeks you’re not sold, exchange it for any other snare in the Armory Series. Choose from the following:

  • Daisy Cutter, 1mm hammered steel (6.5×14″) — explosive attack with bright, complex overtones
  • Dillinger, 8-ply maple (5.5×14″) — Lively, balanced, open, versatile
  • Sabre, 7-ply maple/walnut (5.5×14″) — Dry attack with a fat bottom
  • Exterminator, 7-ply birch/walnut (6.5×14″) — Focused, full-bodied attack with metallic overtones
b4fd6d-mapex_drums_armory_02  Mapex Armory 5-piece Fusion
21b75b-mapex_drums_armory_16  Mapex Armory 5-piece Fusion

Mapex Drums Armory 5-piece Shell Pack Features:

  • Style and innovation at an inviting price point
  • Hybrid birch/maple shells sport a modern, focused attack
  • SONIClear bearing edges maximize tone and tuning range
  • Tomahawk steel snare has exceptional bite and depth — great for rock and metal
  • Armory snare trade-in plan helps you find a snare that suits your style
  • Included SONIClear suspension mounts and floor tom feet enhance resonance
  • Shell pack only; all other hardware sold separately

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